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Manual Forklift

The manual forklift is a high-lift loading and unloading and short-distance transport dual-purpose vehicle, since no sparks or electromagnetic fields are generated. It is especially suitable for loading and unloading of flammable, explosive and fire-proof items in automobile loading and unloading and workshops, warehouses, docks, stations, freight yards and other places. The product has the characteristics of lifting balance, flexible rotation and convenient operation.
1. Light weight and easy to operate.
2. Use mechatronics hydraulic station.
3. high-strength steel fork structure, safe, reliable and durable.
4. Low price, economical and practical.
1. Manual hydraulic truck is an indispensable auxiliary tool for material handling. Pallet handling is the lightest. The most important thing is that anyone can operate.
2. The shape of the tiller is suitable, with a plastic handle clip, which is particularly comfortable to use. The operator's hand is protected by a sturdy protector. The lifting, lowering and walking control levers can be easily manipulated by hand, and the pallet truck is light, safe and comfortable to use.
3. anti-torsion steel structure, the fork is made of high tensile resistance channel steel. The fork tip is rounded, and the tray is protected from damage when inserted into the tray, and the guide wheel allows the fork to be smoothly inserted into the tray.
4. sturdy hoisting system, can meet most lifting requirements, and galvanized according to standard requirements. The pump cylinder is mounted on a heavy-duty protection seat that is chrome-plated. Low control and relief valves ensure safe operation and long life.
5. The wheels are flexible and equipped with sealed bearings. The front and rear wheels are made of wear-resistant nylon. The rolling resistance is very small, and rubber, polyurethane or special tires are available.
6. hydraulic system and bearings are completely maintenance-free, but in extreme cases, such as in a humid environment or with high-pressure hoses for flushing, all bearings are equipped with oil holes for refueling.
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