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Electric Chain Hoist

The electric chain hoist is operated by the person using the button on the ground, or it can be operated in the driver's cab or wired (wireless) remote control.
The electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting device. The electric chain hoist consists of an electric motor, a transmission mechanism and a sprocket. The electric chain hoist is all produced according to international standards. The appearance of the fuselage is beautiful, durable and the internal gears are all quenched at high temperature, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gear.
The electric chain hoist has a high working level, better safety performance, high reliability, low failure rate, and the chain runs in the sprocket, which is not easy to fall off or quit, and the use is more stable. Electric chain hoists are widely used in molds, machinery manufacturing, warehousing logistics, shipbuilding, bridge construction and other industries and factories and other special purposes.
Structural features
Electric chain hoist structure features: electric hoist product structure: the body is made of high-strength tensile shell or die-cast aluminum shell, precision manufacturing by thin-wall extrusion molding process, small size, light weight and high strength. The standard electric chain hoist has a separate gearbox system, a two-stage coaxial drive gear mechanism in the sealed gearbox, and a long-life oil bath lubrication system. The electric hoist powder metallurgy clutch is used as an overload protection device, and the brake is braked by a disk type DC electromagnetic field, and the braking torque is large, stable, rapid, and low in noise.
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  • Construction Electric Chain Hoist

    Construction Electric Chain Hoist

    TG-DHY Construction Electric Chain Hoist:
    1. Electric chain hoist with high efficient energy-saving motor, with free break system.
    2. Electric chain hoist top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.
    3. Electric chain hoist drop...
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  • Electric Tools Chain Block Lifting Equipment

    Electric Tools Chain Block Lifting Equipment

    TG-OSD Electric Tools Chain Block Lifting Equipment The main parts of TG-OSD Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist adopt high alloy steel material, and through several special heat treatment process has the advantages of high strength, good abrasion resistance characteristics. The...Read More
  • Electric Lifting Tool Hoist

    Electric Lifting Tool Hoist

    TG-OSD Electric Lifting Tool Hoist If you have a heavy object to lift, and you don’t feel that a manual chain hoist is capable of doing the job properly, then it might be time to consider electric chain hoist instead. This electric hoist has a number of benefits, including...Read More
  • 1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

    1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

    TG-2-OSD 1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist(Double Speed) Electric chain hoist is a small light lifting equipment. This hoist can be classified double speed electric chain hoist, electric chain hoist with manual trolley, electric chain hoist with electric trolley etc. 1. Electric...Read More
  • Small Electric Hoist

    Small Electric Hoist

    TG-DHK Small Electric Hoist Electric Chain hoist is typical of unique optimal structure in shortening the distance between the machine body and the beam tracks, applicable to operations in side low buildings, especially suitable for use in temporarily erected plant buildings...Read More