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Lever Hoist

Lever Hoist is widely used in shipbuilding, power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications industries.
Lever Hoist is safe, reliable, durable; good performance, easy maintenance; small size, light weight, easy to carry; small hand force, high efficiency; perfect structure, beautiful appearance and so on. It is to use manpower to lift heavy objects. Do not arbitrarily lengthen the operating handle; the rest of the handles should be freely followed during operation and must not be blocked. The appropriate tonnage of the gourd must be selected according to the size of the load.
By manually pulling the handle by hand, the linear traction force matched with the load is obtained by means of the lever principle, and a caliper body acting on the load in the movement is alternately driven to drive the load to operate. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, convenient and labor-saving, safe and reliable, long service life, small hand pulling force and small abrasion of the steel wire rope. Lever Hoist can be used for lifting, pulling, lowering, and calibration. If special equipment is installed, it can not only be used for non-linear traction, but also can easily select the appropriate operating position, or expand the load capacity by a small tonnage machine. For large tonnage loads, several machines can be used side by side.
As one of China's Lever Hoist suppliers and manufacturers, LiNuoDun has its own factory, so the price is affordable, there are many Lever Hoist for sale. If you have a cooperative intention, you can contact us.
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