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Hoist is a device used to lift or lower the load through a drum or lifting wheel around a rope or chain. It can be operated manually, electric or pneumatically, and can be used as a lifting medium with chains, fibers or wire ropes. The most familiar form is the elevator, whose car is lifted and lowered by a lifting mechanism. Most hoists use hooks to connect to their loads. It is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and cargo, and its lifting weight generally does not exceed 100T. The shell material of the hand-pulled hoist is high quality alloy steel, which is strong and wear-resistant, and has high safety performance.
Working principle
When lifting, the manual chain crane is suspended at a certain height with a hook. The suspension rope that binds heavy objects is hung on the hook. The driving chain is driven by hand to turn the driving sprocket clockwise. Because of the connection of the right screw thread, the driving sprocket can move to the right side, which makes the friction disc, ratchet wheel and brake disc press each other tightly. Then the driving shaft will rotate in the same direction with the driving sprocket, and the pawl will slip on the ratchet tooth surface without braking; after the driving shaft drives the solar gear to rotate, the planetary gear will rotate around its own spindle, and rotate around the solar gear at the same time, and finally drive the rotating arm and the lifting sprocket to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting heavy objects. When the lifting stops, the pawl is automatically embedded in the ratchet wheel to prevent the weight from falling. In order to make the weight drop, only by pulling the driving sprocket backwards, the weight can gradually drop.
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