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Cantilever crane
Jan 10, 2018

There are three forms of pillar type, wall type and balance crane.

The ① column type cantilever crane is a cantilever crane which can be fixed on the base by a cantilever, or the cantilever and the cantilever, which are connected with the vertical center line, and are mounted on the base support. It is suitable for occasions with a small weight and a circular or scalloped service range. Generally used in machine tools and other workpiece loading and handling.

The column type cantilever crane uses the ring chain electric hoist as the hoisting mechanism and the running mechanism, and the wire rope electric hoist and the hand hoist are less used. Rotation and horizontal mobile operations are more manual, only when the weight is large to use electric.

The ② Wall Crane is a cantilever crane fixed on the wall or an elevated track running along a wall or other supporting structure.

The use of wall cranes is a large span, the height of the building of the workshop or warehouse, near the wall near the hanging operation of the industry more frequently the most suitable. Wall crane with the above beam-type or bridge crane with the use of the near wall service in a cuboid space, responsible for lifting light small objects, bulky by beam or bridge crane bear.

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