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Cross-country Tyre crane
Jan 10, 2018

It is a kind of crane developed in the 70 's, its hoisting function is similar to the tyre crane, and can be carried out without the support of the leg and crane. The difference is the structure of the chassis and by the unique chassis structure brought about by the driving performance improvement. The engine of the crane is mounted on the chassis, with two axles and four large-diameter off-road tread tires. All four wheels are drive wheels and steering wheels, and when the positions are shifted on the muddy and uneven site, the four wheels transmit power, four-wheel drive, to improve the ability to pass through muddy floors and uneven surfaces. When traveling on a flat surface at a faster speed, only two wheels of the front axle or rear axle are driven to reduce energy consumption. In the random file of a crane, 4x4 represents a four-wheel drive, and 4x2 says that two of the 4 axles are drive wheels. The model is suitable for small site operations. can achieve continuous stepless speed change, in the case of sudden changes in road resistance of the engine will not stall, and thus greatly facilitate the operation of the driver. Can be off-road tire crane is a performance expansion of the strong and flexible tyre cranes.

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