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Mobile cranes
Jan 10, 2018

Mobile cranes can be divided into truck cranes (car hoists), tire cranes (tyre hoists), off-road tyre cranes, all road cranes, crawler cranes (crawler hoists), special cranes.

Truck Crane English name Truck Crane, domestic use QY said, such as qy20/20t truck crane (car hoist). A crane that installs a crane hanger on a general-purpose or dedicated truck chassis. Usually some small tonnage of cranes, in the country currently see the most is this kind of crane.

All road Crane English name All Terrain Crane, domestic use Qay said. The main characteristics of the whole road crane are: The driving cab and the lifting control room are set up separately, compact structure, light weight, small size, with good driving performance; The chassis suspension mode is the oil-gas suspension, the damping effect is obvious, and can automatically adjust the flat car frame according to the roughness of the road surface, and make the climbing ability stronger. Full-wheel steering, full bridge drive , small turning radius, crab-shaped walking, the use of a wider range, can be raised or lowered according to the height of the frame, in order to improve the driving performance and the ability to pass; the support leg span is big, the operation stability is good, can not be subjected to the front area limit, 360 degree omni-directional operation;

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