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Special Cranes
Jan 10, 2018

Crane Work Type: Refers to the crane work busy degree and the load change degree parameter.

The level of work is busy, for cranes, refers to the total time of the year, the actual operating hours of cranes and the total number of hours ratio; for an institution, it refers to the ratio of the number of hours of operation of an institution to the total number of times in a year. In a crane work cycle, the percentage of the organization's operating time, known as the agency's load persistence rate, is expressed in JC.

The degree of load change, the crane designed by the rated weight is often less than the rated weight of the crane in the actual operation. The degree of variation of this load is indicated by the use of the weight coefficient k. K= Crane The average starting weight of the year/crane nominal weight.

According to the Crane's work busy degree and the load change degree, the crane's working type is divided into: light level, intermediate level, heavy grade and special heavy level 4 kinds.

Crane working type and starting weight are two different concepts, the weight of the large, not necessarily a heavy, small weight, is not necessarily light level. For example, the use of cranes for hydropower stations up to hundreds of tons, but very few opportunities, only in the installation unit, repair units only use, the rest of the time is there, so although the weight is very large, but still belong to the light level. Also like the station yard crane, although the weight is small, but the work is very busy, belong to the type of heavy work.

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