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Tyre Crane
Jan 10, 2018

Tyre Crane (tyre hoist) Rough Terrain Crane, there is no tyre crane (tyre hoist) in China. A crane mounted on a special inflatable tyre chassis. The car is combined with one engine, the speed is generally not more than 30km/h, the width of the vehicle is also wider, so it is not advisable to travel long distances on the highway. It has the function of lifting weight and lifting weight without legs, and it is suitable for lifting heavy work in yard, wharf and site with limited moving distance. As a result of not having legs hanging heavy and hanging heavy driving often appear some accidents, the current domestic hoisting Guangdong shun Hair Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. has gradually lifted the lifting function. The main characteristics of the tyre crane is: its driving cab and lifting control room are combined, is by the crawler Crane (crawler crane) evolved, will walk the crawler and walking support part of the chassis into a tire, to overcome the crawler cranes (crawler crane) Crawler board on the road damage to the shortcomings, Speed is also faster than crawler cranes (crawler crane) fast, stable operation, large lifting capacity, can be in a specific range hanging heavy walking, but must ensure that the road is flat and solid, tire pressure to meet the requirements, hanging from the ground must not exceed 50CM; In order to ensure the safety of operations, the current domestic basically prohibit not to hit the legs for lifting operations.

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