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Use and maintenance of cranes
Jan 10, 2018

1. Hoisting equipment before the factory, to make a good identity record. Pre-installation safety inspection and maintenance: Check the integrity of the main body of the equipment, check the main steel and joint parts and their pins, bolts, visible defects, inspection equipment surface corrosion, form records, issued installation advice.

2. Hoisting equipment is maintained by special personnel. After the equipment is delivered, the daily maintenance should be handled by the equipment operator or the full-time staff of the Unit, and the maintenance Unit shall have the obligation of supervising and inspecting the daily care contents. The main content of daily maintenance section is summarized as "Cross work Method": clean, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, anti-corrosion. Every day, 10-30 minutes before the end of the class, patrol equipment parts, all parts are normal, according to the provisions of lubrication, pay attention to the normal sound of mechanical operation, do a good job cleaning and shift work, in order to achieve clean equipment appearance, the purpose of normal operation, daily maintenance records and shift records to be made into a fixed form, and as a file management.

3. Hoisting equipment to carry out regular professional examination. Regular inspection and maintenance during the use of equipment: in the prescribed time for the mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, to cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disintegration, overhaul as the central content. Generally by the maintenance staff and operators to complete the joint.

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