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Use of Cranes
Jan 10, 2018

Door type selection

(1) Single double beam

Under normal circumstances, starting weight below 50t, span within 35m, no special use requirements, it is advisable to choose Tankiliang-style. If the requirements of the door leg width, high speed, or often lifting heavy pieces, long bulky, it is advisable to choose double beam gantry crane.

(2) Span

The span of Gantry crane is an important factor affecting the quality of crane. In the selection, the span should be reduced as far as possible under the precondition of satisfying the equipment conditions and conforming to the span series standard.

(3) Track determination

(a) to meet the stability requirements of the door frame along the rail direction of the crane

(b) The overall dimensions of the cargo must be smooth through the leg plane steel frame

(c) Pay attention to make the track B and span s into a certain proportional relationship, generally take the track b= (1/4-1/6) s.

(4) Spacing size

In the work, there should be a certain space between the external size of the gantry crane and the cargo of the yard and the transportation vehicle, so as to facilitate the loading and unloading operations. General transport vehicles in the span of loading and unloading, should be maintained with the door legs more than 0.7m spacing. When not working, the sling should have more than 0.5m spacing with the transportation vehicle, and the cargo door leg should have more than 0.5m spacing.

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