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A jack is a light lifting device that uses a rigid lifting member as a working device to open a heavy object through a small stroke of a top bracket or a bottom bracket. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments for vehicle repair and other lifting and support work. The structure is light, sturdy, flexible and reliable, and can be carried and operated by one person.
(1) The basis of the jack. The foundation of the jack should be stable, solid and reliable. When jacks are placed on the underside, roads or other suitable materials should be placed to enlarge the area of ​​force.
(2) Placement of the jack. When placing a jack on a soft ground, the wooden block should be placed under the jack to avoid tilting and tilting. When the weight is raised, the weight should be placed under the support pad at any time, but the hand cannot be mistaken into the danger zone.
During the placement process of the jack, the line of action of the center of gravity of the load is kept consistent with the axis of the jack. During the jacking process, the risk of pinching and tilting of the jack due to the deflection of the foundation of the jack or the horizontal displacement of the load should be strictly prevented. It is necessary to prevent the jack from slipping in contact with the metal surface of the heavy object or the smooth surface of the concrete, and if necessary, the hardwood block is used.
(3) Lifting operation. The top elevation of the jack should not exceed the effective top. When lifting large objects (such as girders), they should be separated and raised at both ends, and one end should be lifted and lowered, and the other end must be solid, padded, and stabilized. The jack is not allowed to be overloaded.
It is not advisable to start the jacks in a hurry. The rhythm should rise at a constant rate and slow down when falling. When multiple jacks are used at the same time, they must be operated synchronously. After the jack is completed, it is necessary to carry out a serious inspection, check the oil pressure and hidden dangers, carry out maintenance and place it in an appropriate place.
As one of China's Jack suppliers and manufacturers, LiNuoDun has its own factory, so the price is affordable, there are many Jack for sale. If you have a cooperative intention, you can contact us.
  • Hand Operated Rack Jack

    Hand Operated Rack Jack

    Jack is divided into hydraulic jack, mechanical jack and pneumatic jack. The hand operated rack jack is a kind of mechanical jack. Rack jack is made up of rack, gear, handle etc. A rotating head is placed above the bearing rack to place the lifting load. When used, as long...Read More
  • Manual Mechanical Car Screw Jack

    Manual Mechanical Car Screw Jack

    The manual mechanical car screw jack is also called mechanical jack, which is driven by the human being through the screw pair, the screw or nut sleeve as a lifting device. This jack is as a common jacking and lifting tool on automotive, bridges, ships and machinery...Read More
  • Portable Horizontal Hydraulic Jack

    Portable Horizontal Hydraulic Jack

    1.Portable horizontal hydraulic jack is suitable for car & truck repair and tire change and garage use.
    2.Heavy-duty reinforced steel construction provides long term durability.
    3.Patented bypass device protects against over-pumping for...
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  • Claw Type Hydraulic Jack

    Claw Type Hydraulic Jack

    Claw type hydraulic jack (hydraulic toe jack) is a small light weight mechanical product for lifting equipment and supporting equipment. Application of hydraulic jack: factory, workshop, warehouse, station, wharf and goods transportation and stacking.Read More
  • Portable Hydraulic Car Jack

    Portable Hydraulic Car Jack

    With a large stroke and strong lifting capacity, Portable Hydraulic Car Jack is the best choice for maintenance, manufacturing, construction and other operations. All models can be processed according to customer requirements, and the bottom is designed with mounting holes,...Read More
  • Small Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

    Small Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

    Small Hydraulic Cylinder Jack The following is the size specification of 30T/50T/100T small hydraulic cylinder jack. This is a multi-section mini hydraulic jack. This jack is widely applicable to electric power, chemical industry, steel, bridge, machinery and other...Read More
  • Manual Mechanical Scissor Jack

    Manual Mechanical Scissor Jack

    The manual mechanical scissor jack is mainly used for lifting small tonnage of car, because the structure is like a scissor, used to be called scissor jack. Scissor jack is suitable for mechanical maintenance, especially for car maintenance.Read More
  • Mini Hydraulic Jack

    Mini Hydraulic Jack

    Mini Hydraulic Jack Mini hydraulic jack is also called multistage hydraulic cylinder jack, it is a small hydraulic jack that can produce greater working capacity, especially in the narrow workspace, with the function of light weight, flexible and high force. It is more...Read More
  • Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    Hydraulic Bottle Jack Jack is a lifting height less than 1m the simplest lifting equipment, using steel top pieces as a working device, through the top bracket or the bottom of the claws in the trip to lift the weight of the small lifting equipment. Its structure is light and...Read More
  • 50 Ton Hydraulic Jack

    50 Ton Hydraulic Jack

    50 Ton Hydraulic Jack Hydraulic jack is mainly composed of hydraulic transmission parts and leverage. It is widely used in the car or other equipment to support its load and adjust levels, mainly used in transportation etc., and is used as a support. Features 1、High safety:...Read More
  • Removable Hydraulic Floor Jack

    Removable Hydraulic Floor Jack

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  • Hydraulic Toe Jack

    Hydraulic Toe Jack

    Hydraulic Toe Jack Hydraulic toe jack is a kind of hydraulic jack which is also known as claw jack or claw type hydraulic jack. It is widely used in various industries, such as lifting heavy goods, mechanical equipment, bridge construction, railway track, mechanical...Read More
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