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Classification Of Cranes
Jan 10, 2018

The crane used in the construction of the bridge, according to its structure and performance of different, generally can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type lifting machinery and jib type cranes, cable cranes four major categories. Light small lifting equipment such as: Jack, pneumatic hoist, electric hoist, balance gourd (also known as balance hoist), hoist and so on. Bridge type hoisting machinery such as beam crane. Jib type cranes such as fixed slewing cranes, tower cranes, truck cranes, tyre cranes, crawler cranes, etc. Cable type cranes such as lifts.

According to lifting properties: Mobile cranes, tower cranes, mast-type cranes.

According to the driving mode: a kind of centralized drive, that is, a motor driving the long drive shaft driving on both sides of the active wheels; Medium and Small bridge crane more use brake, reducer and motor combination into one of the "triple" drive, a large weight of ordinary bridge crane for easy installation and adjustment, drive device is often used universal coupling.