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Heavy Truck Market Development Is Entering The Departure
Jan 10, 2018

One is the increasingly rigorous industry policy. Countries in the security, environmental protection, energy conservation and other aspects of the introduction of a lot of regulations, while the implementation of the link has a more stringent trend. The enactment of these laws and the implementation of the increase, will lead to heavy card industry product technology requirements, and product costs will be further improved.

Second, the market competition is increasingly fierce. China's truck market has been facing the global competition pattern, although the current heavy truck industry in China's domestic brand market share occupies a large proportion, but this does not mean that the future pattern will be maintained, product technology improvement, localization manufacturing cost reduction factors, are in the future heavy card industry competition environment changes.

With the continuous development of the crane industry more and more enterprises to join the crane industry. Gao points out that the risks of construction machinery include technology risk, supply and demand risk and economic fluctuation risk. At present, the core technology of some products of construction machinery is mainly embodied in the overall design and technology integration, if the enterprise can not timely research and development of new technologies, processes and products to meet market requirements, products may face the risk of being eliminated.