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Light And Small Lifting Equipment
Jan 10, 2018

Light and small lifting equipment is characterized by light, compact structure, simple action, operating range projection to point, line-oriented. Light, small lifting equipment, generally only a lifting mechanism, it can only make a single lifting movement of heavy objects. Belong to this kind of: Jack, pulley, hand (gas, electricity) hoist, winch and so on. The electric hoist is often equipped with a running trolley and a metal frame to enlarge the operating range.

Electric hoist

CD1, MD1 series Wire rope Electric Hoist in the original CD, MD-type based on the improvement of products. It has a compact structure, lightweight, safe and reliable, parts of the general degree of large, interchangeability, high lifting capacity, easy maintenance and other characteristics, is widely used, popular light lifting equipment.

The hoist has two kinds of fixed type and trolley type. Fixed by the fixed foot in the upper, lower, left and right positions are divided into A1, A2, A3, A4 four types, can be directly installed in the framework of use, trolley-style has a running function, can be installed on the track to use.

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