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Main Performance Parameter Index Of Crane
Jan 10, 2018

The main parameter of crane is the parameter that characterizes the main technical performance index of Crane, it is the basis of crane design and the important basis of the safety technical requirement of the heavy machine.

Crane Deadweight G

Self-esteem refers to the quality of the whole machine under standard configuration, in tons (t) or kg (kg).

Starting weight Q

Weight refers to the quality of lifting weights. It can be divided into rated starting weight, maximum starting weight, total starting weight, effective weight and so on.

Rated starting weight qn

The rated starting weight is the sum of the quality of the material which can be hoisted by the crane, together with the removable sling or a part (such as grab, electromagnetic chuck, balance beam, etc.).

Total weight QZ

The total weight shall be the sum of the mass of the lifting materials of the crane, together with the slings and the plays (including hooks, pulley sets, hoisting wire ropes and other lifting objects below the lifting trolley), which can be hoisted and fixed on the crane for a long time.