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Overhead Crane
Jan 10, 2018

Can be in the rectangular site and above the work, more for the workshop, warehouse, open-air yard and other goods handling, there are beam cranes, bridge cranes, cable cranes, carrying bridges.

Beam Crane: Girder crane consists of single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane

The main girder of single girder bridge crane is mainly composed of working word steel or steel type and steel plate. Lifting trolley often for the hand hoist, electric hoist or hoist as a lifting mechanism components assembled.

The bridge is divided into two types: support type and suspension type. The former bridge runs along the crane track on the beam, and the latter is operated along the crane track suspended under the factory house frame. Single girder bridge crane break up and electric two kinds. Manual single girder bridge crane The work speed is low, the starting weight is also small, but its own quality, easy to organize production, low cost, suitable for no power after the small amount of handling, speed and productivity requirements are not high. The manual single girder bridge Crane uses the manual monorail trolley as the running trolley, the hoist is used as the hoisting mechanism, and the bridge frame is composed of the main girder and the end beam. The main girder is usually single I-beam, and the end girder is welded by the steel plate or the sheet metal formed by pressing.