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  • Hoist


    Hoist is a device used to lift or lower the load through a drum or lifting wheel around a rope or chain. It can be operated manually, electric or pneumatically, and can be used as a lifting medium with chains, fibers or wire ropes. The most familiar form is the elevator, whose car is lifted and lowered by a lifting mechanism. Most hoists
  • Ratchet Strap

    Ratchet Strap

    At present, in the process of cargo transportation, it is often necessary to bind and tie through the straps, thereby preventing the goods from falling due to bumps during transportation, and the ratchet strap tensioner is a common strap-assisted binding tool, which can Help people to fast and reliable binding and fasten the goods, and ha
  • Pallet Truck

    Pallet Truck

    The Pallet Truck is a logistics handling device that carries cargo. When the manual pallet truck is used in the handling station, the fork carried by the pallet is inserted into the tray hole, and the hydraulic system is manually driven to realize the lifting and lowering of the pallet cargo, and the handling operation is completed by hum
  • Forklift


    Forklift is an industrial handling vehicle. It refers to various wheeled handling vehicles for loading, unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. It is widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, It is a distribution center, a distribution center, etc., and can b
  • Lift Platform

    Lift Platform

    The hydraulic lifting platform is widely used for the transmission of goods between industrial plants, restaurants and restaurants. It is suitable for workplaces where pits cannot be excavated. It does not require upper lifting points and is diversified in form. The equipment runs smoothly and the operation is simple and reliable. Applic
  • Jack


    A jack is a light lifting device that uses a rigid lifting member as a working device to open a heavy object through a small stroke of a top bracket or a bottom bracket. Jacks are mainly used in factories, mines, transportation and other departments for vehicle repair and other lifting and support work. The structure is light, sturdy, fle